05 November 2010


SA®AP Francisco

11 October 2010

05 September 2010

01 September 2010



big up to the good folks at Thick N Thin

14 August 2010

DJ P.SOL : press kit

Dj P.SOL press kit - outside/cover
Dj. P.SOL press kit - inside/cover

Dj. P.SOL - business card

Check in on Dj. P.SOL HERE


.Label Media: Promotions Package

.Label Media: promotional poster
post card front
post card back
cd cover front
cd cover back

Check in on .Label Media HERE


05 July 2010

18 June 2010

12 May 2010

02 May 2010

so, one of my friends let me "borrow" his black book...

... and i flipped his name(Depht_1ne)
over a couple of times. it's been a hot
minute since i got down like this,
still a bit rusty but, the funk is where
i remembered ... i think?

26 April 2010

what's that ...

... catch phrase?

05 April 2010

legalized swindle plus ...

... california robbery p.2

04 April 2010

WE can't win ...

... if YOU don't play


03 April 2010

california robbery ...

... robbin' us blind $1 @ a time.


16 March 2010

there it is ...

... in black & white.

08 March 2010

quarantine ...

... it's contagious.
-supreme logo flip-

27 February 2010

01 February 2010

... my brother, there will never be another

“Rest In Peace Dot Com of the Addict Merchants”

Saturday, February 20th, 2010
@ Blue Lamp
1400 Alhambra Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816

Doors @ 8:30pm
Minimum $5 Donation

Come and celebrate the life and music of Dot Com (aka Mike Denman)
Proceeds of the event will go to the family of Mike D.

27 January 2010

R.I.P. Mike -Mic Dot- Denman

R.I.P. Mike -Mic Dot- Denman from josf_bron on Vimeo.

My friend, brother, family.
Addict Merchants Forever

23 January 2010

little ditty

b®n 1ne from josf_bron on Vimeo.

beats: dj fooders
images: b®n

22 January 2010

ahhhooo - "munchie girl"

ahhhooo - abcmyk's from josf_bron on Vimeo.


beats: dj fooders
images: ayami s. molina

yep yep ... hey

yep yep ... hey from josf_bron on Vimeo.


beats: dj fooders
images: -b®nami-


20 January 2010

"endearing terms"

b®n digiport

beats: dj fooders
images : b®n 50:45sft

"endearing terms" from josf_bron on Vimeo.

mo' better peep


11 January 2010

Skuba Ivy pt.2

... final artwork minus textwork for the
"3 Day Weekend The Mixtape VOL 1"
release coming soon ... chill cat, good music
peep : DROP IT LOW Ester Dean ft Chris Brown & Skuba

04 January 2010

all you need is ...

... is all you need